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Do you know where to find the books, scores, DVDs etc for your subject? Are you comfortable using our online resources? The library has a wide range of print and electronic resources so it’s a good idea to explore what’s available. Read the posts below for hints and tips on getting the most out of the library.

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    Electronic Resources

Which Databases should I use?

    Searching Tips and Referencing Guides

Search strategy  – see our guide called ‘Doing a Literature Search’

Referencing – Music students should consult their handbooks for help with referencing

Developing your search strategy  Template to use to develop your own search strategy, together with some simple tips to make searching easier

    Classroom PowerPoint Presentations and Worksheets

Presentations Worksheets
Level C Introduction to the Library Level C Music
Level I Advanced literature searching
Level I Music
Level H Literature searching revisited Level H Music
MA Music MA Music
Level C CPA