New Books on Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

In time for the new academic year, the library has been working hard to update the book collection in the areas of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. As well as brand new books, we have purchased new editions and extra copies of key texts studied across these subjects.


The new collection features topics such as Web Design, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Intelligent Computing, as well as programming guides on Java, Python, C# 7.0, XML and more.


Most of the new books can be found downstairs in the library, in the area outside Special Collections. Some books on Robotics are also located with the Maths collection upstairs.


Below is a selection of some of the new books and their classmark – the number you need to find them on the shelf.


Machine Learning in Java 005.1 BHA
C# 7.0 in a Nutshell 005.133 C#/ALB
Pro C#7 with .Net and .Net Core 005.133 C#/TRO
Designing the user interface: strategies for effective computer human interaction 005.437019 SCH
Artificial Intelligence for .NET: Speech, Language, and Search 006.3 PAT
Towards a code of Ethics for artificial intelligence 006.3 BOD
AI In Cybersecurity 006.3 SKI
Python Robotics Projects 629.892 VAI
Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control 629.892 CRA
Deep Learning with Applications Using Python 006.31 MAN


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