New books on Sustainable Tourism

In time for the new academic year, the library has been working hard to update the book collection in the areas of Tourism and Tourism Management, with a particular focus on sustainable tourism and the geography of tourism. As well as brand new books, we have purchased new editions and extra copies of key texts studied across these subjects.

Below is a selection of some of the new books that are available. As always, you can use these as a guide to browse the shelves or search OneSearch for similar titles.

The library has also invested in a number of new e-books to help support Tourism, Environmental Science and Geography students.


The Global Casino: an introduction to environmental issues 304.28 MID
Tourism, Tourists & Society 306.4819 SHA
Worldwide Destinations: The Geography of Travel & Tourism 338.4791 BON
Sustainable tourism futures: Perspectives on systems, restructuring and innovations 338.4791 GOS
Resilient Destinations and Tourism 338.4791 SAA
An Introduction to the Geography of Tourism 338.4791 NEL
Tourism and Resilience 338.479104 BUT
Planning for Tourism, Leisure and Sustainability 910.68 TRA
Managing sustainable tourism: A legacy for the future  910.684 EDG
Human Impact on the Natural Environment 304.2 GOU

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