Emerald Insight Database

This collection is an excellent resource for Tourism and Tourism Management students. It features a wide range of academic journal articles, case studies and book chapters covering many aspects of tourism.

Access Emerald via OneSearch or from the list of Databases – you will find it in the A-Z list as well as Library Databases by Subject.


How to Search

Using the main search box, select whether you want to search for either ‘journals & books’ or ‘case studies’. Then enter your topic or keywords e.g. sustainable tourism.

emerald 2

From the results page, you can sort and filter your results further and, where we have access, you will have the option to download a PDF of the full text. However, you may find it easier to use the Advanced Search instead as this allows you to only search for content that we have access to, rather than everything within the database.

emerald advanced

It’s often a good idea to focus on more recent articles or case studies, particularly if you get a large number of results to begin with. Again, at this stage, you have the option to switch between articles and chapters, and case studies.

emerald dates


Viewing an Article or Case Study

dark tourism

From the list of results, you will have the option to read a preview or abstract of an article, or view the full text. Click on the PDF link to save or print the article.



An alternative way of searching is to browse the most relevant resources, rather than search for a particular keyword or subject. Start by selecting the category for Tourism & Hospitality from the Emerald homepage (the Transport category may also be useful).

emerald 1

Select the option to view ‘only content I have access to’ and you will see a list of books, journals and book series. If you prefer, you can limit the results by type – e.g. only journals.

tourism journals


Help and Support

The Emerald help page has a lot of useful information to help you get the most out of its resources. There are guides on many useful features including how to carry out an advanced search, how to set up an account and how to save your results and favourites.


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