British Journal of Sports Medicine

The British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) is the journal of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine. We have access to the multimedia portal containing original research, systematic reviews, consensus statements and debate. It is a vital resource for all Sport & Exercise Science and Sports Rehabilitation students at Hope.


How to Find it

From the OneSearch homepage, click on ‘Find a Journal’, start to type the journal’s title and select British Journal of Sports Medicine.



Click on the ‘Available Online’ link, and then select BMJ Journals Online, to access the electronic version of the journal. We have an up to date subscription so you can access the most recent articles, as well as past editions.


This will take you through to the journal homepage, where you can view the current edition, browse the archive of previous editions or search for a particular topic that you are interested in. We also have previous editions of the journal (up to 2013) available in print format in the library, located in the stacks towards the rear of the ground floor.


Search Inside

Alternatively, you can search for articles within the journal without having to leave the OneSearch system.


Use the ‘Search Inside’ option to enter keywords or topics and you will see a list of relevant results.


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