Ask a Librarian: How do I find an article that is not available in OneSearch?

Article not available in OneSearch

Even if an article isn’t available in any of the Library’s subscribed databases, there are still ways that you can access it. These are:-

  1. Search for the article online using Google Scholar.
  2. Use the interlibrary loan service (choose the fifth tab, ‘Inter Library Loans’) to receive a photocopy of the article from another library.
  3. Search Copac to see if another library has a print copy of the journal, and then visit in person using a scheme like Liverpool Libraries Together or by signing up for SCONUL Access.

In this case, I am happy to say that the article is freely available online through Google Scholar.

To find it, I searched using the title of the article in double-inverted commas.

Google Scholar screenshot

Use double-inverted commas to search for words in the order that you write them.


Clicking search brings up a list of results, with the article that you want at the top. You can access the article by clicking on the link on the right-hand side.

google scholar screenshot 2

Click on the link on the right-hand side to access the article.


1943 article


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