Searching the Archive in Box of Broadcasts

As well as watching current programmes, Box of Broadcasts also gives you access to a vast archive of television and radio recordings, dating back to the 1990s.

Click on ‘search’ at the top of the screen and enter a keyword or the name of a programme.




Public Playlists

You can also search for public playlists – this can be particularly useful if looking for a series as the playlist will give you all episodes in the correct order.


public playlist

Click on the name of the playlist to see the programmes that it contains.



Search Options

By clicking on ‘Search Options’ you can filter the search in different ways, including the option to ‘exclude transcripts.’ This can be useful if you are searching for a programme by title and do not want to include results where the word happens to appear within the transcript of other programmes. You can also limit your search to only include TV or Radio programmes or set the criteria for the last week, month or year.


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