Global Digimap

Global Digimap is a new service that is being developed with the help of its users. The creators are actively seeking feedback and ideas for the development of this service – if you interested then please either contact them on or let me know so that I can provide you with more information.

As with other Digimap collections, you can create, view and annotate maps using the Roam function, or download data load it into a GIS or CAD package for further

It provides access to global datasets in cartographic styles and downloadable formats. The service currently uses data from:

OpenStreetMap – regularly updated detailed global mapping.

Natural Earth – small scale mapping data.


Map of Madrid, Spain.

Global Digmap data


More Information

You can learn more about this service and how it works by opening this document:

What is Global Digimap?

And for additional support, FAQs and the community forum, follow the link to the Global Digimap Help Pages

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