New Digimap Collections

Did you know that the university has access to the complete collection of Digimap resources, including Aerial, Marine and Historic map data? In addition to the OS and Environment data that you may be used to, staff and students can now access all of the packages below.



Aerial Digimap provides access to some of the highest quality aerial photography available for Great Britain, created and licensed by Getmapping plc. Aerial Roam allows you to view detailed aerial imagery at various fixed scales. You can also:

  • add annotations (text, point, lines and areas)
  • identify image capture date by clicking on the map
  • generate PDF, PNG or JPG files for printing


Aerial Map image of the University

Aerial Map



Historic Digimap offers the following map images, the originals of which were published between 1846 and 1996:

  • All available County Series maps at 1:2,500 and 1:10,560 scales
  • All available National grid maps (1943 to 1996) at 1:1,250, 1:2,500 and 1:10,560/10,000
  • Selected Town Plan maps (1848 and 1939) at scales of 1:500, 1:528 and 1:1056
  • Over 400,000 geo-referenced digital map images are available for use in GIS and CAD



This package provides has two different types of data. Raster nautical charts, derived from UK Hydrographic Office paper charts and chart panels. Marine Themes vector data, covering all UK waters, which covers the following layers:

  • Elevation
  • Shipwrecks and Obstructions
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Transport
  • Administrative and Management Units
  • Geographical Regions


Marine Map

Marine Map Data



Lidar data is an accurate model of the earth’s surface. This package provides detailed data from the Environment Agency, as well as vertical aerial photography.



Geology Digimap offers a wide range of geological map data from the British Geological Survey. A wide range of BGS datasets are available including their renowned 1:50,000 onshore geology data product as well as the 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 datasets.


Further Information

Global Digimap

Introduction to Digimap Resources

Read here for information on which PCs have ArcGIS installed

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