Thesaurus Terms in PsycINFO

If you’re not sure what keywords or search terms to use, or if you want help identifying some related terms, then the APA Thesaurus is extremely useful.

APA thesaurus

Enter a word or phrase to see suggestions on the best way to search for information on this topic. For example, it suggests that if you’re looking for information on Biopsychology, then Behavioural Neuroscience would be a good term to use.


apa thesaurus 2

As well as seeing a clear definition of the term, you can explore further by expanding on this new term to see broader search terms and related search terms. Either use those in your own search or click on any of the links to view articles on that topic.

apa thesaurus 3


Further Support

See the APA help pages for more information on using the Thesaurus to aid your searching.


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