What are academic journals?




Unlike the kind of popular magazines that you would buy on the high street,
academic journals, also known as scholarly or peer-reviewed journals, are written as a means for scholars and researchers to share their own, or comment on other’s, research  with the academic community. They are published regularly, usually quarterly or monthly which means they are a great way of keeping up to date with the latest research in your field. This is particularly pertinent if your topic is subject to frequent changes and developments.

Everything that is published in an academic journal goes through an extremely rigorous process called peer review. When an author submits an article to a journal it
will be reviewed by other subject experts in the same field to verify that its methodology is sound and that its conclusions are valid. Through peer review, academic journals can be seen as the ‘gold standard’ for academic research, ensuring a high level of quality and academic rigor in the articles that are published.

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