Finding books and other materials

The print and electronic book collection as well as DVDs and other materials housed in the library can be searched using the Library Catalogue which can be accessed from the homepage of the library website.

If you are looking for a specific title, simply enter it into the search box. Otherwise you can search for a particular author or using keywords that best describe what you are looking for for example:Basic search

Other options to limit or refine your search, by author, date or format for instance, are offered on the left of the results page.

Your results will indicate whether the item is a book – i.e. a print copy – or an ebook. This book is available in both print and electronic format:

Book format 1

To find where in the library a print book is located click on Check availability. This will tell you how many copies are available, how long you can borrow them for, and the shelfmark. This number acts as both as a location guide – where in the library you need to go to find it, and a subject guide – all books given this number will be on the same topic:shelfmark

To access an e-book click on Check availability and then the link under This resource is available electronically from the the following locations.e-book

You can find more information about borrowing from the library, including how to reserve and renew items, on the library webpages



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