Reading Lists

A lot of the time your lecturers will provide you with a weekly list of recommended or essential reading to do as part of your course. This may be given to you during a lecture or the weekly folder of materials on Moodle.

In addition, some courses have a reading list set up to cover the whole course. If this is the case then you will find it in Moodle, in the top left hand corner of the screen under the heading ‘resource list.’

reading list.png

Alternatively you can search the reading list system here to see if a list has been created for your course.

reading list resources

Click on any of the items in your reading list to go through to the library catalogue and see if copies are available and where you will find them in the library. You can access any electronic resources in a reading list, such as journal articles, ebooks or web pages, by clicking on the link.

r list ebook

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