One of the most useful sources of information for anybody studying Sport & Exercise Science or Sport & Physical Education, is SPORTDiscus.

This database is the premier source of literature for sports and sports medicine studies, providing full-text content from hundreds of respected academic journals. It is an essential tool for students as well as researchers, as it provides extensive coverage in fields such as fitness, health and sport studies.

It also covers many related subjects, including nutrition, physical therapy, occupational health and therapy, exercise physiology and kinesiology.

Why should I use it?

Searching in SPORTDiscus means that you should find journal articles that are up to date and relevant to your subject. Rather than searching the whole of online library, your search will concentrate on sources that are most relevant to Sport related topics. You can save your searches and search results, making it easier to keep a record of everything you have used when it comes to writing up your work and creating your reference list.

How does it work?

You will find SPORTDiscus in the ‘Find a Resource’ section of Online Library. Either look in the A-Z or select subject favourites and then Sport. Below are a series of videos which demonstrate how to search the database and view the results that you find.


Introduction to SPORTDiscus and other Ebsco Databases


Doing a Basic Search


Advanced Search

If you prefer, then these guides are also available in PowerPoint format:

Ebsco advanced search

Ebsco basic search

Intro to Ebsco searching


Further support and training is available from the EBSCO help pages 

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