How to find & use E-Books

Whether you are studying off campus, the library has run out of print copies or you simply prefer reading on a screen, you will find many of your key texts available in e-book format.

When you search the library catalogue in OneSearch, some of the results that appear will be e-books. These titles are easy to identify and will say ‘available online’.

sport culture

In some cases (including the title shown above) we will have print and electronic copies of a book, so you may see a shelf mark as well as ‘available online.’

Filter your results for Ebooks

If you are only interested in ebooks, and not print copies, then you can filter your search so that only e-books are included. To do this, use the filter on the left hand side of the screen to find ‘resource type’ and select ‘books.’ Then, look for ‘availability’ and select ‘available online.’

filter    filter2


Viewing Ebooks

Once you have found an ebook on the catalogue, click on the title of the book and then click the link to view full text.  

view full text


You will be taken to the ebook homepage, where you will have the option to download individual chapters or read the whole book online. The number of copies available refers to how many people are permitted to view the book at any one time. If it says there are currently no copies available, you will need to try again later.


intro ebook.png


Searching within the text

of the advantages of using e-books is that you are able to search within the book for a particular word or phrase, meaning you can jump straight to that section without having to look through the entire book.

ebook search.png


Ebook Central

If you prefer, you can search for ebooks by going direct to Ebook central. Here you can browse titles or search for a particular book. Find it in the A-Z of Library Databases.


ebook central

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