What is an Academic Journal?

What is a Journal?

  • An academic “magazine” published at regular intervals
  • Contains latest research in a particular subject
  • More up to date than most textbooks
  • Contains primary evidence – new research is published here first
  • Very focused on a specific subject or topic
  • Written by experts in the field
  • Peer reviewed
  • Mostly in electronic format – easy to access

In addition to textbooks, academic journal articles are one of the most important sources of information that you will need. In fact, as you progress throughout your course, they should become the predominant source of information that you use to support your ideas when writing assignments.

The main advantage to journal articles is that they are up to date and contain the latest research in your field of study. They are typically much shorter than books so it can be easier to read and reference a number of articles – a good way of ensuring you are using a good number of sources. You can read more about the benefits of journal articles here

Where are they?

We do stock a number of print journals, located towards the back of the library on the ground floor. You can find these titles on the library catalogue or visit your subject page on the blog for an idea of what’s available.

However, most of our journals are available electronically. Read here for information on how to find them.

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